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13-18 years old

fast paced - engaging

'I have really enjoyed the boxing part but also the conversations we had. It has made me feel more confident outside of school to talk to other people.'  

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BoXed is a fast paced, engaging and informative group created by young people for young people. We have teamed up with a local boxing club to deliver a group that offers exercise and learning new skills in the physical activity as well as incorporating wellbeing advice. This is prodominently run in the community but can be run in education settings.  

What's it all about?


group aims

  • Improving fitness to have a positive impact on daily lifestyle  

  • Strengthening mental and physical being  

  • Boost confidence and self esteem  

  • Build empathy and work within a team  

  • Promote resilience  

  • Recognising feelings and the effects on the body physically and mentally  

  • Promoting meaningful decision making and reflection  

  • Exploring self-regulation  

  • Identify positive outlets for feelings  

  • Understanding the impact of physical activity on your mental health  

'It has calmed me down a lot cos with boxing you can get your anger out. Where I am an angry person, I can get it all out. '
'The sessions are really fun exercise and its been good for my mental health as well because I can get a lot in my head and then I do boxing and get it all out and have fun with my mates. '
'It helped my mental health I could talk to Sally and she would help me with my problems if I needed to ask anything.'

Interested in learning more about EIEF? Please get in touch, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Interested in learning more about EIEF? Please feel free to get in touch, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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